Yumstone Singapore participates in 2017 SME Expo


The 19th session of the Small and Medium Enterprises Conference, hosted by the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce of Singapore, was hosted in Singapore with the theme of “creative thinking and innovative practice”, focusing on technology to enhance productivity. Singapore trade and Industry Minister Lin Shunqiang and Chinese General Chamber of Commerce President Cai Qisheng attended the opening ceremony.


This year’s conference invited more than 60 speakers to share innovative thinking and successful experiences, with more than 20 different forms of activities, including seminars, forums, workshops, symposium, master classes, innovation labs, etc. The meeting lasted two days and attracted over 5600 participants.


Yumstone  Singapore set up a booth in the conference to show the public the self-ordering kiosk system, the ipad self-ordering system and POS ordering system, etc.  After five years of efforts in Singapore, Yumstone begin to flourish in Singapore!


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