The Essential F&B Management Solutions

Major Problem Solutions:
1. Efficient streamlined manpower, cutting down on mistakes.
2. Effective audit to prevent loopholes and lock profits.
3. Able to generate different type of sales reports to understand the business sales statistics. The analytic data is able to help on business decisions.

Cashier: 3 Major Designing Principle
Strict and Secure: We place great importance to create a fool proof design on our system. When there is an error in closing the bill, the transaction will not be completed. It will prevent new user of making mistakes on the cashier operation.

Flexible: Our system offers different self-configurable payment modes linked to different account code. Under some billing circumstances, it is able to close a single bill by using combination of different payment modes.

Efficient: In most situation without any error, the system can configure the most efficient and quick payment by a single click. Together with the manager pre-configured discount features, most of the restaurants will only require a single cashier who is able to run smoothly and efficiently on all the cashier billings.


Point of Sales (POS)

Over the decades, Yumstone’s Point of Sales (POS) System has been improving and upgrading to be able to suit the different categories of F&B business (Fast-food, Western Food, Buffet and Chinese large restaurants) in doing their food ordering. The touch screen ordering design after repeated fine tuning, makes it easy for new users to operate, at the same time meeting the expectations of different type of customers. Our product emphasizes on not only usable, but very good to use and very user friendly.


WeChat Self-Ordering

We have helped our customers developed our own WeChat ordering system. Just by scanning the QR code, guests can use their mobile phones to place their food orders just by clicking on the images. Payment will also be made through WeChat Pay. As for the Yumstone POS system, it will automatically record the paid bill from WeChat Pay and close the bill and at the same time print the order in the kitchen; in collaboration with Yumkiosk Self-Ordering Kiosk, it will increase service productivity as well as cut down on labour cost. Overall, it will improve on the quality service level and customer satisfaction.
Our system also offers WeChat takeaway ordering, guests could enquire about the restaurant’s WeChat official account code and order their foods as well as make their payments. This helps restaurants to cut down on relying on the third-party internet delivery services platform.


IOS Wireless Staff Ordering

Using Apple’s iPod Touch, iPad, iPad-Mini or iPhone, the Yumstone Staff Ordering application can be installed. Staffs can be by the side of the guest to take their orders and place the orders through the wireless network. Bill can be shown to guests through the device and allow guests to pay via Alipay or WeChat Pay. This prevents service staff from walking to and fro the cashier counter.
We have both the Standard and Western APP version. The standard staff ordering App supports both English and Chinese language.

IPad eMenu Self-Ordering

Using iPad to replace the traditional paper menu, Yumstone’s iPad eMenu Self-Ordering system have menus that are elegant and very beautifully designed, which also provide convenience to the guests, and most importantly easy to use. The nice smooth scrolling of the menu just like the flipping of the paper menu. The eMenu is still usable under offline mode. At the same time, we have 4 different versions and it is able to download via the App Store.


Yumkiosk Self-ordering and Payment Kiosks

Manpower shortage has been a challenge not only to the developed countries but all around the world.
Yumstone has placed high priority towards the Food & Beverage industry to research, design and develop a self-ordering and payment system. Yumkiosk allows guests to naturally order their food like flipping a book. Guests can proceed to pay through WeChat Pay, Alipay, Ez-Link Singapore, NETS Flashpay Singapore and many other payment modes.
In collaboration with Yumstone’s kitchen printing system, it will help the restaurant greatly on cutting down on their labour costs.
YumKiosk Self Ordering device can operate in most scenarios: Fast Food Fine Dining, Food Court, Hawker Centre, Pre-ordering Queue.

Kitchen Management

Kitchen Management

We have developed and designed the strongest kitchen sorting and printing system. For table service model, we had also designed a KSS kitchen barcode scanning system and KDS Kitchen display system to further improve on the kitchen food orders management.
During peak hours, we understand that you would need a strong intelligence kitchen printing system that will not cause any error (missing orders, repeating orders or lost orders) in order to ensure a smooth business operation.
Our KSS system design is to lower the difficulty of managing the dish serving problems for big restaurants. Through our printer, 1 dish can be printed on 1 slip of paper with a unique barcode, the barcode will be scanned at the serving counter to confirm the food is being send out from the kitchen. Thus, this further increases the service productivity as there would not be a need to manual check on the dish being served.
Our KDS system can summarise all the orders by displaying the ordered quantity of each dish for the chef’s reference for cooking.

Reservation and Queuing System

We have designed a reservation system that fits better for large, medium restaurants or fine dining restaurants. When a returning guest calls in to make a reservation, our system has will automatically search for his/her information. After the reservation is made, it can automatically send a confirmation note to the guest. Our reservation system and ordering system is closely linked to our POS and CRM system. All reservation messages are shared through different departments. For those good and really busy business restaurants, we had designed a pre-ordering queuing system. Guests can pre-order and obtain a queue number from the self-ordering Kiosk. The reservation manager can use the mobile device to assign empty tables for the queue waiting guests. The service staffs can bring the guests to the tables, retrieve their saved pre-orders from the mobile device, and send the orders to kitchen and POS. Under this high peak busy operating hours, we can use the minimum staff strength that are required during low peak hours. It will effective satisfy on all the high peak hours business requirements.

Billing Audit

Billing Audit

Cashiering is a more common phenomenon of fraud, it has many forms and means. If fraud is not prevented or addressed the problem just gets worse. Our Chief Financial Officer, often feels audit results are unsatisfactory because of a lack of effective billing audit tool. Even if you hire many financial officers, facing the massive bills, the audit results are unsatisfactory.
Our billing audit system can trace to any billing changes and the process during change. Our system will do an intelligent analysis of each bill, and automatically places those bills that may have a problem under the “pending” status. Often over 95% of bills are successful because it has been through the cashier shift check, so there is not a need to check the details. Finance staff can then focus their energy on understanding the error relating that make the bill go into the “pending” status. They will then check if it meets the business requirements, or maybe there is corruption related to the cashier.
Our goal is to save 95% of your time, to allow management to place their energy on really important issues to solve. Ultimately, they will create high values to the company.

Data Analysis

Business data is extremely important in the Food & Beverage industry, but many owners or high managements do not care or ignore it. They don’t analyse the data and are commonly relying on reality and experience to decide on their business operations. Normally, this method will kill the business sooner or later.
Over the past 10 years, after gathering the fine ideas from the different business owners and high management on analysis on their business data, we designed a data analysis report system. These table or chart displayed reports will allow them to clearly review the basics of the business accurately. After reviewing, they will analyse on the causes on their sales data and find solutions to improve on the business.
Data analysis is not a panacea, but no data analysis is totally unacceptable. We study and reflect to improve, such processes require supporting data, as well as great finesse details. Only following this way, we are one step closer to Success.
We are thankful to the people who are good managers in the industry. They have helped and promoted on the improvement and upgrade of Yumstone’s system, data analysis system. They can be seen as “General business reports”, “Data mining analysis reports” or “Data policy” tools. They can produce a total of more than 1,000 different reports and behind every piece of report, it is solely developed from the requirement of one of our customers. We welcome more new customers by offering valuable management experience for our continuous product improvement.
In years to come, Yumstone’s software upgrade will continue to progress, eventually venturing into China, Singapore, Australia, Asia and many more worldwide. With over 15 different kinds of F&B business models and over 30 thousand restaurants are using our software.

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